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Insure My car

Third-party Only

Insure My car

Third-party, Fire & Theft

Insure My car


Third-party Only

Covers death or bodily injuries to third-parties and/or passengers; and damage to third-party's property.

Third-party, Fire & Theft

Extension of the third-party Only policy. Protects the insured's own car against loss or damage (caused directly by fire or theft). Other causes resulting in loss or damage to the insured's own car is not covered.


The comprehensive car insurance policy offers the broadest protection for a car owner. This policy covers insured’s liabilities; bodily injury, death and property damage to third-parties (including passengers). It also covers damage to the insured's own car (own damage).

In Singapore, majority of the cars are covered by comprehensive car insurance policies. This is because prices of car are expensive, resulting in a need to insure car owners against huge losses due to damage to their own car. Also, if your car is under financing, the finance institute would most probably require you to insure the car under a comprehensive car insurance policy. This is to avoid any loss incurred, which may be too huge for the owner to bear (in cases whereby the driver is at fault and own damage claim is required).

As mentioned earlier, insurance rates range widely. How much you pay would depend on the type of car, your profile and most importantly, the insurance company you choose. Therefore, it pays to shop around before you decide. You could enjoy savings of up to a couple of hundreds with even better benefits than the previous insurer. Insurer A may quote you $800 for your profile (include your age, gender, driving experience occupation & claims history) but Insurer B may quote $1100, everything else remains the same. The reverse may happen to your friend. Insurer A may quote a much higher price than B to your friend. This is due to the fact that different insurers would have different risk assessment and may favour certain profile.

However, it could be quite time-consuming to call every insurer for a quote. Moreover, prices may not be the cheapest as those are regular quotes (walk-in rates).

Motor Insurance Singapore

Car insurance

For automobile owners in Singapore, motor insurance renewal and road tax becomes an annual affair. Prices of motor insurance policies can range widely depending on the make & model of your vehicle, your profile (experience, occupation & claims history) and of course the type of coverage you need.

Generally, Singapore motor insurers offer three types of coverage. They are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third-party, Fire & Theft;
  • Third-party Only;
Insure My car
Cheap car insurance

In order to enjoy cheap car insurance in Singapore, you need to note these pointers:

Maintain a no-claims record

This means there shouldn't be any own damage (OD) claims / any other claims against you. Claims against another driver would not affect your record. This would enable you to enjoy a discount (NCD) off the premium, ranging from 10 - 50 %. (see table below)

Maintain a demerit points free driving record*

Eligible for drivers that do not have any demerit points awarded for the past 3 yrs. An additional 5% off the premium (*only for drivers with NCD of 30% or more).

Click here to see if you are eligible

Off-peak car discount

OPC car owners would enjoy an additional 5% off the regular premium.

Restricted drivers discount

If you are age 30 or above with more than two years driving experience (including others driving your car), you could request for this discount of 15% off the premium. The only point to note is that any other drivers below 30 and/or less than 2 yrs driving experience would not be covered under the policy.

Insure My Car

InsureMyCar is a online service that would search for you the lowest premiums possible, with better benefits. Our clients average a 20% lower insurance premium with our quotes. This is largely due to the fact that we have access to special schemes with the major motor insurers in Singapore. Also, with our interest free instalment plan with DBS / POSB or UOB credit cards, you would certainly be getting more by paying less!

No Claim Discount - NCD (or NCB)

Calculated depending on the kind of vehicle you possess, the NCD usually applies to two categories – commercial car insurance or passenger car insurance.

NCD is discount (in % off the premium) extended to the car owner for maintaining a claims-free record whilst insured*. NCD is transferable among all motor insurers in Singapore. It is also transferable within parent / child / spouse.

To enquire about car insurance online, or get car insurance quotes, refer to our “Quote for Me” page.

Have you heard of the uber insurance and grab insurance?

According to the road safety report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 316,000 people are killed each year from road traffic injuries in Southeast Asia.

As a driver from Uber or Grab, you are constantly at risk from the moment you hit the road behind your steering wheel. This is why it is a requirement for drivers to have proper commercial car insurance while on the job.

Here at InsureMyCar, we provide the necessary insurance coverage for Uber or Grab drivers to give them and their passengers a peace of mind while on the job or during a ride.

Years insured* NCD earned (private passanger car) NCD earned (commercial vehicles)
1st year (upon renewal) 10 % 10 %
2nd year (upon renewal) 20 % 15 %
3rd year (upon renewal) 30 % 20 % (max)
4th year (upon renewal) 40 % 20 % (max)
5th year onwards (upon renewal) 50 % (max) 20 % (max)
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